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"Biathlon federation of Belarus", public association (hereinafter – BiFB) is the main an independent social entity that unites on the voluntary basis athletes, coaches, judges and other people that are interested in the development and promotion of biathlon in Belarus. It was established on the 30th of May 1991.

Biathlon federation of Belarus is the only organization representing the Belarusian biathlon as a sport in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The BiFB is a member of the International Biathlon Union (IBU).

BiFB supports the objectives of the IBU, complies and implements at the national level the provisions of the IBU Constitution, all rules and regulations of the IBU, as well as the decisions adopted by the Congress of the IBU Executive Committee. BiFB enjoys the rights granted by the IBU Constitution, it’s regulations, along with decisions determined on the basis of the listed documents. The members of the BiFB are obliged to comply with the provisions of the IBU Constitution, the rules and regulations of IBU, as well as the decisions adopted by the Congress and the IBU Executive Committee.

The main aim of BiFB is to develop biathlon in Belarus, gain popularity by promotion and popularization among the population, defense of rights and interests of athletes, coaches, judges and sports veterans, improvement of physical education and sport in general by the forming balanced personality, promotion and maintenance of healthy lifestyle, providing conditions and facilities for revealing of sports and creative abilities of BiFB’s members.

Main objectives of BiFB are:

- representing the Republic of Belarus in International Biathlon Union and other international sports federations, as well as representing the Republic of Belarus at IBU events

-perfection of training system of Belarusian biathletes, support of their successful performance both on national and international levels;

-establishment and enhancement of contacts with athletes and sport organizations all over the world;

-setting up various facilities for the purpose of biathlon development;

- assistance in prevention and combating doping in sports;

- combating of demonstrations of any forms of discrimination and violence in sport.

The Supreme body of BiFB is the Conference which is held every four years, along with in the year of Winter Olympic Games. 

The Chairman of Biathlon federation of Belarus – Andrian Tsybulski.

Address: 18/2 Pobediteley Ave., 220020 MINSK, Belarus

Phone: +375 17 397 55 27


Federation’s management


Andrian Tsybulski

  President of the Federation


Igor Kuznetsov

Vice President of the Federation


Darya Domnikava

Secretary General

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Athletes Women:

1. Irina Krivko

2. Darya Yurkevich

3. Dzinara Alimbekava

4. Anna Sola

Athletes Men:

1. Vladimir Chepelin

2. Sergey Bocharnikov

3. Maksim Vorobey

4. Roman Eletnov

5. Anton Smolski

6. Viktar Krivko

Belarusian biathlon club Biathlon Club .png

“Belarusian biathlon club”, trade and production unitary enterprise was established on the 17th of September 2004 by the Presidium of “Biathlon federation of Belarus”, public association. The main aim of “Belarusian biathlon club” is to develop and improve biathlon in the Republic of Belarus.

The main objectives of “Belarusian biathlon club”:

- implementation of economic activities aimed at profit-making process, which is used to finance the development of biathlon in the Republic of Belarus;

- organization and performance of biathlon events and (or) participation in organization and running the sport events;

- participation in arrangement of biathlon National team and another biathlon athletes of the Republic of Belarus, sports reserve, as well as in the creation and development of infrastructure and material and technical base of Belarusian biathlon, material and technical and general support of athletes, coaches and judges of Belarusian biathlon.

Director General – Chmil Eugeny.

address: 18/2 Pobediteley Ave., 220020 Minsk, Belarus.

phone: +375 17 396 78 37

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