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Public association "Biathlon federation of Belarus" (hereinafter – BiFB) is a voluntary independent social entity that joins together on voluntary basis coaches, athletes, referees and other people that are interested in development and promotion of biathlon in Belarus. It was set up on May 30, 1991.
Main goals of BiFB include the development of biathlon in Belarus, its promotion among the population, defense of rights and interests of athletes, coaches, referees and sports veterans, promotion physical education and sport in the harmonious development of personality, formation of healthy lifestyle, providing conditions and facilities for developing of sports skills and creative opportunities of BiFB’s members.

Main objectives of BiFB are:
-improvement of training system for Belarusian biathletes, support for their successful performance both in national and in international competitions;
-establishment and development of contacts with athletes and sports organizations abroad;
-networking in the sphere of sharing experience (seminars, conferences) between the biathlon coaches, referees and specialists from other countries;
-involvement of young people, amateurs as well as sports veterans to regular biathlon exercising;
-setting up various facilities for the purpose of biathlon development;
The Supreme body of BiFB is the Conference which is held once in four years, as well as in the year of Winter Olympic Games.

The Head of Biathlon federation of Belarus is Andrian Tsybulski.
Address: 18 Pobediteley Ave., Bldg.2, 220020 MINSK, Belarus
Phone: +375 17 397 55 27

Federation’s management


Andrian Tsybulski

President of the Federation


Igor Kuznetsov

Vice President of the Federation


Darya Domnikava

Secretary General


Public association “Biathlon federation of Belarus”

18 Pobediteley Ave., Bldg.2, 220020 MINSK, Belarus

+375 17 397 55 27

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Athletes Women:

1. Irina Krivko

2. Nadezhda Skardino

3. Irina Krivko

4. Anna Sola

Athletes Men:

1. Vladimir Chepelin

2. Sergey Bocharnikov

3. Maksim Vorobey

4. Roman Eletnov

5. Anton Smolski

6. Viktar Krivko

Belorussian biathlon club

Trade and production unitary enterprise “Belarusian biathlon club” was set up on September 17, 2004 by the Presidium of Public association “Biathlon federation of Belarus” to assist biathlon development in Belarus.
Main objectives of the Belarusian biathlon club:
-promotion, organizational and methodological support of biathlon development in Belarus;
-development and management of facilities for training both the national biathlon team of the Republic of Belarus and the reserves;
-preparation of trainees and the reserves for national biathlon teams;
- sports organizations’ support in the sphere of biathlon development;
- support for youth sports school, specialized youth sports schools for Olympic reserve, schools of higher sports mastery, centers for Olympic reserves in the Republic of Belarus.
Director General – Vladimir Kravchenko.
address: Revolutsionnaya street 13-214, 220020 Minsk, Belarus.
phone: +375 17 256 18 29