Star week of sports in Raubichi: farewell Domracheva and Scardino, medals Krivko
The European Biathlon Championship ended in Raubichi. Main broadcast
Where and how does the national biathlon team of Belarus live? "High five!" # 7
Medal Krivko, a gift from Be and ski pitstop "Blr". "High five!" # 6
Irina Krivko won silver at the European Biathlon Championship in Raubichi
Euro 2019 biathlon - all for the audience! "High five!" # 5
Bronze quartet! "High five!" #4
Bronze Krivko and the start of EC in Raubichi. "High five!" # 3
Raubichi take the European Biathlon Championship. Panorama
Raubichi: At the start! "High five!" # 2
In Raubichi open biathlon EC starts tomorrow. Panorama